madhouse-honey-pilsnerHONEY PILSNER

Light and crisp, our Honey Pilsner has great flavor for an easy drinking lager beer. It is golden in color, with pleasant floral aromas from noble hop additions. Lightly toasted malt flavors are well-balanced with the addition of honey, which is sourced from the Ebert Honey Company, and Iowa-based apiary (bee farm).

5.0% ABV. | 20 IBU | HOPS- Hallertau

Available in 6packs, kegs



madhouse-hopburstHopburst IPA

Hopbursting is a relatively new brewing technique in which the vast majority of hops are added to the kettle late in the boil to achieve enhanced extraction of hop components (i.e. Hopbursting gives you tons of hop flavor and aroma!) Our Hopburst IPA has a substantial malt base, balanced with huge additions of our unique hop blend. This creates an incredibly flavorful beer, with smooth bitterness and hoppy goodness.

6.2% abv. | 50 IBU | HOPS- Falconer’s Flight

Available in 6packs, kegs